Cruise ship


Our first working holiday started with a little chaos right behind the border near Berg but at the end we’ve managed to get to Schwechat airport on time and board the flight to Miami via Frankfurt.

The autumn already came to Europe but in US it was the other way round. Right after we landed in Miami we got hit by a massive heat and the humidity. Welcome to Miami… The beginning of our trip was like from the movie. Our agency booked for us nice Sheraton hotel in the downtown and right after we dropped our bags we went out to explore the surrounding.

Sheraton Hotel

Stylish Miami with famous beaches is a top resort not only for foreign tourists but also for the locals who seek year-round warm climate to settle here. 

The next day we finally met our temporary residence – cruise ship Majesty of the Seas. Floating colossus with a capacity of 2700 passengers and 900 employees belonging to Royal Caribbean. When you go to such a ship as a guest it’s great but when you have to work there that’s another story… Those who have worked on the cruise ships or any riverboats know what I am talking about. 7 days a week, without a day off, you have to be on the move every day 15 to 16 hours. It’s not for everyone that’s for sure but the reward on other hand is the travel and visit of exotic places some might not see in a whole life. Everything has its own pros and cons

Majesty of the Seas

Same as the other ships Majesty of the Seas also works on All Inclusive program with unlimited food and drinks in several bars and restaurants. Other main attractions of the ship were casino, cinema, basketball playground, 2 swimming pools and even the climbing wall.

There were 2 itineraries: 4 days cruise with the stops in Miami – Nassau – Coco Cay – Key West – Miami and 3 days cruise with the stops in Miami – Nassau – Coco Cay – Miami. There was only one change of the itinerary during our stay due to a hurricane which goes through the area every year. On that occasion we have been diverted to Mexican island Cozumel and passing Cuba we came back to Miami.

Cozumel, Mexico

The stop in Cozumel was the highlight of the cruise and everyone was happy about this change of the itinerary. It was not just the beautiful environment but also cheap tequila which made everyone happy. From the port it was just a short walk before we came to a small square with the hotel, church and a few shops. In the side streets are small houses which thanks to their height can better withstand a frequent hurricanes. From the square we moved on further down and along the way we stumbled upon the local museum. The best on Cozumel is the beautiful crystal clear hot water in the sea. We’ve visited a few places around the world but I never swam in warmer water in my life and due to its temperature I could not last there very long

Cozumel, Mexico

One of the main and also the most beautiful stops was the capital city of the Bahamas – Nassau. Right after the arrival at the port my eyes were caught by a luxury Atlantis hotel dominating the nearby coast. Amazing hotel resort with many attractions such as own water park, huge aquarium, Dolphin Cove, golf courses and many others is located on Paradise island archipelago which is formed by several smaller islands. The port is reachable by a short taxi ride.

Atlantis hotel, Bahamas

The surrounding of the hotel on Paradise Island is literally described in its name. It really is a paradise on Earth. Wonderful beaches with turquoise waters and snow-white sand are difficult to describe. This place was for many years on my first place and to be honest with you I didn’t want to leave from there. It’s a pity that we did not have more time to enjoy this wonderful place but duty called and we had to go back to the ship.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Our next regular stop was a nearby Coco Cay island belonging to Royal Caribbean. Small island next to Bahamas is a perfect relaxing point whereas apart from few souvenir shops, restaurants and some attraction you can’t find anything else. However you can just enjoy the relax in one of many hammocks and you’ll be accompanied by some great lizards – the only permanent residents of the island.  They just love strolling around basking in the sun.

Coco Cay, Bahamas
The last stop before disembarking in Miami was Key West. Favourite place of many tourists did not impress me that much and instead of being here I’d love to go back to one of those previous islands. Key West is the southernmost island and town across the United States. It is an ancient city with many museums, galleries and shops and shopping is the main reason to visit this island. Once it was a favourite place of Ernest Hemingway and many other artists.

Key West

Cruise ship is a great experience with maximum comfort and everyone should try it at least once in a lifetime. In case you decide to go on ship to work, prepare yourself for a really hard work. The reward, however, are the exotic locations you’ll visit during your working experience. Do not linger and start packing…

Tip 1: In Nassau don’t forget to visit Atlantis hotel, its huge aquarium and try the steep slide underneath the water.

Tip 2: Once you come to Coco Cay jump into one of the hammocks and try all water sports on the island.

Tip 3: If you like shopping, save your money for the last stop. Your dream will come true in Key West.

Total costs: 3 days cruise – from $200.00
                         4 days cruise – from $300.00

(prices as of February 2006)

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please write them in the comment box below.



2 thoughts on “Cruise ship”

  1. I enjoyed your review of the cruise.
    I love to cruise! I also lived in Key West for awhile. Its a great town. Have you been on other cruises? Just wondering if you had a favorite cruise line. I really wish I could travel all the time!


  2. Hi Dennis, thank you for your feedback. We also love to cruise but we’ve only tried Royal Caribbean and were very happy with them. My friend also recommended a cruise on river Rhone so if you get a chance to come to Europe try one of those. All the best!


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