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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my website.


My name is Marian and here is something about myself. About Marian

I come from Slovakia but I’ve been living in London, UK for last 13 years. I have a MBA degree in Marketing and Management at Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia.

I work in IT business and love music, reading and sport, especially running, tennis, basketball, cross-country skiing and hiking. Basically any type of sport…

My other passion is traveling and I think it’s the best investment anyone can make. We have visited more than 40 countries with my girlfriend but there are still too many undiscovered countries and places so we’ll just keep on traveling. We have been to every continent of the world apart from Australia and we won’t stop until we see every single country at least once. I call it “Mission possible”.

The reason why I created this website is to share our travel experiences with you and to show you how to see the world and not to spend a fortune while doing so. I hope it will help you to explore as many countries as it gets and experience some adventure once you decide to hit the road…

Here is a short video about my home country – Slovakia.

Thanks again and I wish all of you HAPPY TRAVELING!


Founder of

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Funny you should say that, Marion. I to have been all around the World and I love the feeling traveling gives me. It’s a bugger you haven’t had the chance to come down to Aussie and have a snagger on the barby, Mate!
    Just going to peep over your website pages now to find somewhere interesting to visit.
    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Jeff, thank you very much for your feedback. Yes, you are right, I still haven’t been to Aussie but it’s on my bucket list. I’ll definitely go down there one day and explore your beautiful country.
      All the best and take care!


  2. Great website Marian. You have been to and recorded for our pleasure, many interesting places. I have always been envious of the free spirit.
    My travels have been mostly work and missions related in US, Australia, Canada, Mexico and El Salvador.



    1. Hi Dennis, many thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like my website. For us to explore new counties is priceless. We just love it and think it’s the best investment. You have also visited few interesting counties. Just keep up with your travels. All the best! Marian


  3. From what I saw on your video, your country looks absolutely stunning! I can see why you would want to share Slovakia with the world.

    Recently, I have been meeting quite a number of people from different countries, so my desire to travel has definitely intensified. But funds are somewhat limited, so your tips on how to travel on a budget will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Manovid!


    1. Hi Veronica, many thanks for your feedback. Not many people know Slovakia and that was also one of the reasons I wanted to share the video. It’s ideal holiday destination for people who like hiking, skiing or just chilling. There are many lakes, castles, caves, mountains and spas here.I’ll be happy if some of my tips will help you to hit the road because traveling is the best lifestyle ever and brings the happiness into your life.Thanks again and hope you’ll be on the trip soon.Take care


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"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"

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