After Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada Taba is the 3rd most visited holiday resort on Red sea coast. Very favourite place in Gulf of Aqaba especially for its locations near the borders with Israel and Jordan. This was also the reason why we chose to stay in Taba. From the airport you can reach most of the resorts within half an hour. We came here in the middle of March and considering the time of the year it was for us coming from cold Europe very hot. Temperature of 30’C and warm sea was a very pleasant surprise.


We stayed in Sonesta beach resort and were very happy with the service and the facilities in the resort. First few days we were getting familiar with the hotel, staff and people around us. We started with regular swimming, tennis and I also had an opportunity to be beaten in table tennis by 2 staff members. I have to say it doesn’t happen very often that someone beats me in table tennis. All credit to those skilled boys.  When we got familiar with the place we met one gentleman who worked as a security guard on the ramp. He was the ex-pilot of Egyptian air forces and showed us many pictures and told many stories from the years in his duty. We became friends and he took us one day also with his wife for a ride to the nearest city in Taba because we also wanted to explore the surrounding and to see how the locals live.


We went to a little port and apart from that there is not much to see. Taba is located in quite windy area surrounded by picturesque mountains. Next day we decided to go for a Moto safari into the desert. We took a short ride to the agency where they gave us quads and we went for an adventurous ride into the desert. You can drive pretty fast on those dusty and bumpy roads. The trip followed then by a camel ride which we already did in Morocco but it’s always an experience.

Camel ride

Later on we came into Bedouin village where we tried their famous tea, delicious food and they also prepared a short music program. It’s really interesting to see the way how they prepare and bake their bread and tea in the conditions they have.

Bedouin village

Can you imagine you sit in a Bedouin tent, drink the tea, listen to their music, puff from the shisha and when you lift your head you can see the sky full of stars…  I feel like I am back there again.

As mentioned before we didn’t stay in Egypt very long because our trip followed to Israel and Jordan but the time we spent in Egypt was amazing. We fell a bit sorry for Egyptians considering their troubled political past and recent events because the country has such a huge potential. What makes this country so special are the people there and the service they offer. They are thankful for every tourist coming to their country and treat them like a royalty.

Tip 1: Go for a Moto safari and try Bedouin tea, their bread and also the shisha.

Tip 2: Take a trip to Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery and see amazing sunrise from the top of the mountain.

Tip 3: Location of Taba right on the border with Jordan and Israel is perfect for trips to Petra and Jerusalem.

Total costs:  7 nights All Inclusive (Flight + Accommodation + Meals):  £600.00 

(Prices as of March 2012)


Thank you very much for reading this article. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please write them in the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Egypt”

    1. Hi Kirill,
      Thank you for your comment. I am really glad you liked the article. I’d say the best time to visit Egypt is between February – May or September – November but it all depends on what temperatures you prefer. I’d say if you avoid the hot summer months you’ll be fine. We’ve been there in March and it was perfect for us. The weather was nice and warm around 30’C and it wasn’t overcrowded with tourists which is also a plus in Egypt. We liked it there and are planning to go back one day.


  1. Thank you for taking me along with you to Egypt! Beautiful pictures and writing and I feel like I have seen a little bit of the world through your eyes and learned along the way. Such an extrordinary website. I will be back to visit and will share it with others.

    God Bless you,
    Lynn Drew


    1. Hello Lynn,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad you liked the article and my website. Egypt is amazing country and we loved it there. We’ll definitely come back because there is so much to see and the people are fantastic. Thank you again and wish you all the best. Take care!


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