Travel gear

World Travel Gear

This is always a tricky question what to take with you when you travel, shall I take it, will I need it?       

I hope we can give you here a little inspiration.

Here is the list of accessories and gears that we usually have with us and were very useful on our trips so far. We know they are good because we put them to the test many times and we can rely on them.



We were very satisfied with Vango Ark tents we had during our mountain trips.  It kept us always warm and dry even in rainy weather. Bear in mind it will be your temporary home and shelter.

Sleeping bags

It’s important to stay warm especially in the night. The sleeping bag I have and went through a tough test on Inca Trail in Peru is Vango Latitude 600. Very good choice.


Another thing I wouldn’t try to save money on. You need a good rucksack for all your stuff. It has to be light, waterproof and made from good materials. My favourite one is the Berghaus Trailhead because it sits well on my back and shoulders.


I am so happy I came across this bottle Aquapure Traveller. It helps me to stay hydrated all the time. With the filter inside you can drink water from almost any source. Through this bottle I drank tap water everywhere we’ve been to, I also filled it with water from the fountain in Israel or with the water from the waterfall in Thailand and never had any problems.


I started with Olympus cameras, went through Canon cameras but after having seen the pictures from Nikon D3300 I knew I found what I was looking for.


For me one of the best computers ever made is the Apple Macbook whether it is for music, pictures, documents or anything else. Quick, secure and reliable.

Video cameras

We made very good quality videos with this Panasonic HC-V770EB-K camcorder with 20x Optical zoom and 1/2.3″ 6M BSI Sensor.

Mobile Phones

I have my Iphone 5S and I am quite happy with it. It makes nice pictures, videos and it’s loading fast. My girlfriend has Samsung Galaxy S4 and she never said a bad word about it.

Travel Guides

Anywhere we go we always have one of Footprint Handbook with us. These guides are full of important information including maps, pictures, tips and so on. With them you can’t get lost.






8 thoughts on “World Travel Gear”

    1. Hi Whitney, thank you. What to pack depends on the destination and the type of the trip you are going for. We packed very lightly for example to Thailand but for the trek in Peru we needed summer and also winter clothes. It all depends… Take care and have fun on your trips.


  1. Hello here. The traveling is a great opportunity to widen horizons and meet new people or enjoy wonders of nature.
    Of course when traveling we need dependable gear and proper clothing.
    Do you have some recommendations fot high quality shoes? Long walks require comfortable shoes which do not make trouble when feets are tired.
    The spring is coming and your website will help to choose suitable things for traveling.
    All the best in your adventures, Nemira.


    1. Hi Nemira, many thanks for your feedback. I agree with what you said about traveling. It’s the best way how to meet new people and explore the world. I do have very good experiences with Salomon, Lowa and Merrell shoes. They proved to be the best for walking, trekking, hiking in Peruvian Andes, High Tatras in Slovakia and everywhere else we went to. But to be honest, more important than the brand is they have to be GoreTex to give you the best comfort and keep the feet dry. Thanks again and wish you all the best!


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